Myeotra is Your #1 Secured Transportation app for Africa

Whether you are in need of transportation from point A to point B within minutes or you want something transported from one place to your place of preference within the hour, Myeotra is at the tip of your fingers to make such request.

designed to facilitate any onDemand (taxi, groceries, food deliveries, package deliveries, moving furniture, etc.) transportation in Africa while providing safety measures through our in App GPS tracking system.

With Myeotra we strive to provide a means of door to door transportation that will accommodate your day to day chores, errands and/or business obligations at your convenience 24/7.

Africa's number 1 transporter app


Our #1 priority as technology based company is to provide a secure app to bring comfort in the mind of the transporters and customers in the midst of the transportation service.

A safe and secure transportation service from point A to point B is our # 1 commitment to both our customers and transporters.

Safety by design

Access 24/7 support and emergency assistance, and share your trip details with loved ones, right from the app.

Drive without fear

Innovation comes with a good idea and the passion you have for it. We have passionately worked and walked our way to become one of the market leaders in offering the growth needs of start-ups.

Myeotra is built with safety

We are committed to help transport you or your goods safely with our technology. We got you and your goods covered so that you can receive our service with peace of mind as you go through your daily obligations.

Transport with Myeotra

From now, traveling to Africa will be fun and more secured. You won`t ever change to anything else after trying this amazing app.

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