How to use the Myeotra App

Create an account

All you need is an email address, phone number and a credit/debit card or mobile money account for payments

To download the app, go to theApp Store Google Play

Enter your pick up location and destination for taxi transportation

Open the app and enter your transportation pickup address in the SET PICK UP LOCATION box, click on the + sign to the far right then enter your stop address in the ||ADD STOP|| box for in between stops, finally enter your transportation drop off address in the ||CHOOSE YOUR DESTINATION|| box.

Enter your item description and cost of item for delivery transportation

Enter the description and the cost of the item (if you are paying for item via credit/debit/mobile money) you want transported in the ||ITEM DESCRIPTION|| box if you choose delivery as your method of transportation. For cash pick up for transporter partner to use for item purchase, enter your cash pickup address in the ||SET PICK UP LOCATION|| box and enter address of item to be purchased in the || ADD STOP|| box. Tap to confirm your pickup and destination location


Choose the type of transportation vehicle that best accommodate your request at a reasonable price

You can choose between Myeotra 4 door sedan for taxi and deliveries, Myeotra Moto for 1 person taxi and OnDemand deliveries, Myeotra SUV/VAN for more than 5 passengers and onDemand deliveries, Myeotra full sizeTruck for heavy OnDemand deliveries i.e. furnitures,Multiple heavy boxes etc… and Myeotra on foot for small OnDemand Deliveries. Tap LET’S GO  to be matched to a Myeotra Transporter nearby.

Meet your Transporter

You can track their arrival on the map. When they’re a few minutes away, wait for them at your pickup location.

Check your transportation vehicle

Every time you take a trip with Myeotra, please make sure you’re getting into the right vehicle with the right transporter by matching the license plate, vehicle make and model for taxi transportation, and transporter photo with what’s provided in your app. If you are requesting delivery, make sure that the description and color of transportation type matches what is on the app i.e. Myeotra 4 door sedan, Myeotra Motorcycle, Myeotra Van, Myeotra SUV, Myeotra Truck, and Myeotra on foot.

MYEOTRA transportation Service can only be requested through the app, so never get in a vehicle where the vehicle or transporter’s identity doesn't match what’s displayed in your app.

Sit back and relax

When transportation service is completed, payment is easy. Depending on your region, you have options. Use cash or a payment method like a debit/credit card or mobile money wallet.

Rate your service

Let us know how your trip went by giving a star rating and a compliment about your transporter’s service

Customer Information

If you are new to the city, there will be a list of popular restaurants, supermarkets and liquor store and what they offer to make it easier for you to choose what you would like delivered to your doorstep.

Upfront pricing in real time

Before you confirm a transportation service, you will the see price estimates so you don’t have to guess and so you can compare costs to find the most affordable transportation service, every time.

How pricing works

Know before you go

You know how much your airline ticket costs before you book it, so why should your transportation be any different? Upfront pricing gives you the information you need to choose the transportation that best meets your needs and budget.

There’s no hidden fees and no surprises—so you can sit back and let the transporter partners do the rest.

How are prices determined?

Many data points go into calculating an upfront price. Upfront prices are based on the estimated length and duration of the trip. Estimates can vary based on demand patterns and real-world factors like traffic. Item prices will always have tax added when paying for it through our platform and the tax percentage vary in location.

Why is upfront pricing helpful?

Get a real-time price

The same way you know the price when booking a flight or hotel, know how much your transportation service will cost before you make your request

Compare your options

Myeotra Sedan? Myeotra Moto? Myeotra SUV? Myeotra Bike? Know which option best fits your needs—and your wallet.

How are prices determined

You can track their arrival on the map. When they’re a few minutes away, wait for them at your pickup location.

How prices are determined

Customer price and Transporter fare

How a much a customer pay for transportation service is different that how much a transporter partner earn for that trip here’s why:

Customers pay

Customers are offered an upfront price on every trip so they can make an informed choice.

icon-fare-estimate Upfront Customer prices are based on the estimatedl distance and duration of the trip and the type of transportation vehicle you are requesting This estimate can vary as we predict real-world factors like traffic.

Customer payments may also include
  • Cancellation fees

  • Base fares

  • Surge pricing

  • Tolls & surcharges

  • Booking fee1

  • Item cost + tax

  • Customer promotions and subscriptions

  • Tolls/Airport pickup fees

  • Route-based adjustments

Booking Fee

The booking fee is a separate flat fee added to every trip on economy products (like Myeotra sedan, Myeotra Moto, Myeotra SUV, Myeotra Truck, and Myeotra foot) in most cities. 

Booking fees help support regulatory, safety, and operational costs.

You'll still see the price (or fare estimate) before you request a ride.

Identify your pickup/drop off location

When you request a ride, the app automatically suggests a convenient place based on your current location to meet your Transporter. To adjust your location, just type in a new address for the transporter to better find your location.

Specify item and price of item for delivery transportation

When you request something to be transported from point A to point B, identify your pickup/drop off location and/or in between stop location if necessary. Specify the item that you want transported and the price cost for the item that you are willing to pay for in the ||ITEM DESCRIPTION|| box before confirming your delivery request. You have the option to pay via cash or Credit/Debit/Mobile Money account.


You have the option to pay for the item you want to purchase and have delivered to the destination of your choice via cash or credit/debit/mobile money account. If you are paying for the item to be purchased via cash, make sure you put the cash amount along with the item description in the ||ITEM DESCRIPTION|| box then enter the address of where the cash is in the ||SET PICK UP LOCATION|| box so that the transporter can collect the cash to be used to purchase the item at the address entered in the ||ADD STOP|| box. If you are paying via CREDIT/DEBIT/MOBILE MONEY WALLET on the app for the item to be purchased then after entering the item description in the ||ITEM DESCRIPTION|| box you enter the cost of the item in the ||COST OF ITEM|| box which will be charged with tax on the item cost to your card along with the transportation service charge upon delivery. All items that are paid for via Credit/Debit?Mobile Money Wallet will be taxed for the inconvenience of the transporter paying for the item on your behalf at the location of purchasing.


We value our transporter’s time and effort to provide you the most efficient, reliable service at your disposal. Therefore if a customer makes the transporter wait longer than 5 min after he or she arrives at the pick up address, the transporter will have the option to cancel the service. Consequently a cancellation fee will be assessed and charged on your account at your expense.


If there are any clarifications to address between the customer and the transporter. The customer and transporter have the option to communicate via text or/and phone call to help clear any misunderstandings ( (i.e. confusion about pick up or drop off address, description or price of item misunderstanding etc...)between one another during a transportation service.


*Remember that the in APP GPS tracking system will track the direction and location of your transporter and your cash for you to follow on your app until delivery is completed for the security of your money to ease your mind.

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