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Myeotra is built with safety in mind. We are committed to help transport you or your goods safely with our technology. We got you and your goods covered so that you can receive our service with peace of mind as you go through your daily obligations.

Request transportation service for your loved ones

You can request transportation service for your loved ones in Africa from anywhere in the world. Whether you live in Asia, Europe or America, you can help provide any ondemand transportation service for a friend or family member living in Africa who cannot afford to pay for their own transportation with just a tap on your Myeotra app.


When you refer a friend to use Myeotra as your transportation service, you can earn rewards such as transportation service discounts, free ride, etc...

Transportation on Demand

You decide when and how often you want to transport.


Whether you have your own bank account or a mobile money account you will get paid daily for your service.

A convenient way to get around

If there’s anything that you need, you can reach us anytime.

Request Transportation with Myeotra

From now, traveling to Africa will be fun and more secured. You won`t ever change to anything else after trying this amazing app.

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