Promotions and how they work

In-app promotions based on where we expect the most transportation service requests in your area help you plan ahead and set goals to maximize earnings. Not all promotions are available to all transporters. See terms below.* Certain requirements and features vary by country, region, and city.

*Myeotra will inform you when you are eligible for a promotion. Restrictions to promotions apply. Any restrictions and terms will be shared with you in the specific promotion or tool. Myeotra reserves the right to change or cancel any promotion, including but not limited to the requirements necessary to get such a promotion.

Reach a set number of trips

Earn extra money if you complete a set number of trips in a certain amount of time when the offer is available.

Example: earn 1000 fcfa extra for completing 20 trips this week.

Transport during busy times

Get paid extra for trips in certain areas at busy times.

Example: earn an extra 600 fcfa for completing 3 trips in a row with the first trip starting in aqua between1600 hr and 1800 hr

Transporter requirements

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Transport with Myeotra

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