Check the heat map in your app to find out when and where customer demand is high, so you can earn more on top of your standard fare.

What is surge?

During busy times and in busy locations where many customers are requesting trips, your map in the partner app will update to identify these areas. The map will show areas that are yellow, orange and red, as well as corresponding additional surge amounts that can be earned on top of your fares by reaching these locations. The deeper the red color, the higher customer demand and dollar amounts that can be earned when you reach this area.

Surge is a great way for transporters to earn extra by choosing to head towards areas with high customer request volume. You will earn surge if you are in a surge zone OR the customer's pickup location is in a surge zone when you accept the transportation request. The extra dollar amount will be shown at the bottom of your home screen when you're in a surge area. This is the amount that you'll earn on your next service. (Note: the surge amount will not apply to your next service trip if you reject, cancel, or go offline.)

Check your earnings in-app to see your added surge amounts add up. If you ever believe the fare on a transportation service is not correct, let us know! Go to the earnings tab in your app, click on trips, select the appropriate trip, and then click help. Choose the best help option to let us know your concern, and we will investigate to make sure it's right.

How surge pricing works

Demand for Transportation Service increases

There are times when so many people are requesting transportation services that there aren’t enough transporters on the road to help take them all. Bad weather, rush hour, and special events, for instance, may cause unusually large numbers of people to want transportation service all at the same time.

Prices go up

In these cases of very high demand, fares may increase to help ensure those who need a transportation service can get one. This system is called surge pricing, and it lets us continue to be a reliable choice

Customers pay more or wait

Whenever we raise rates due to surge pricing, we let customers know in the app. Some customers will choose to pay, while some will choose to wait a few minutes to see if the rates go back down to normal.

How are surge prices calculated?

When prices are surging, you’ll see a multiplier to the standard rates on the map. For example, you might see surge at 1.8x or 2.5x. This is how much your base fare will be multiplied by, so a fare that is usually $10 would be $18 when it’s at 1.8x Surge. Myeotra’s fee percentage does not change during surge pricing.

Because we update the rates based on the demand in real time, surge can change quickly. Surge pricing is also specific to different areas in a city, so some neighborhoods may have surge pricing at the same time as other neighborhoods do not.

Surge pricing on the map shows the price that will apply to customers using the Myeotra app in that area. The customer’s location determines the amount of surge pricing on a trip, not the transporter’s location.

How to identify surge in the app

When demand increases in a specific area, that neighborhood will change color. You can zoom into colored areas of your app's city map to see current surge pricing.

The colored areas of the map will range from light orange to dark red. Light orange areas represent small multipliers while dark red areas indicate large multipliers.

You can see the amount of surge pricing that will apply to a potential trip when you are deciding whether or not to accept a trip in the transporter app.

Other types of earnings

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