Request acceptance responsibility

If you accept a request which requires you to make a purchase on behalf of the customer, you are required to make purchases of item requested using your own money which you can redeem with interest after delivering the item.

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Myeotra service fee

Myeotra's service fee is the difference between what the customer pays and what the transporter earns.* It can vary from trip to trip, and it helps fund our platform's operations, transporter promotions and supports innovation that enables us to serve more customers and transporters. For delivery transportation Myeotra service fee is not applied to item costs redeemed by transporters for purchasing delivered items on customer’s behalf.

The Myeotra service fee helps expand access

Upfront pricing helps expand access to mobility and work. Trips with higher service fees help offset the lower prices that aim to make transportation with Myeotra more affordable for more people. More transportation trips create more opportunities for transporters. The service fee also funds Transporter Promotions that offer transporters extra earnings and help make Myeotra more reliable.

Transport with Myeotra

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