Earn on long-distance pickups, while waiting for customers, and on minimums for short trips.

Transporter Incentives/Promotions

Invite a friend to partner with Myeotra and could earn extra earnings once your friend complete x amount of trips. Your friend will also earn extra earnings after completing x amount of trips

Earn extra with Interest

If a customer makes a request whereas he or she opts to purchase the item through our platform, you have the option to accept such request and purchase the item on the customer’s behalf. However when you make such a purchase on behalf of the customer, you can redeem what you have spent plus interest on the redeem tab in your earnings section.

Service fee

This fee helps fund things like app development, customer support, and payment processing.

Booking fee

Customer pay a booking fee to help cover safety, regulatory, and operational costs such as insurance.


In most instances, you’ll receive a cancellation fee if a customer cancels a request.

Earnings deducted upon receiving cash payment for taxi transportation

If the customer pay for the taxi transportation via cash, the customer’s earnings will be deducted by the Myeotra admin commission amount for the cash payment rendered to the transporter.

Transporters earn

Transporters' earnings are distinct from the price provided to customers at the beginning of the trip.

Transporters fares are based on the actual time and distance of each trip, and are not affected by customer promotions or route-based adjustments.

Transporters earnings can also include:

  • Base fares

  • Surge pricing

  • Surcharges & reimbursement for tolls1

  • Misc. fee

  • Earning commission deduction for taxi cash payments by customers

  • Purchased item cost + interest

  • transporter promotions

  • Long pickup / wait time / Cancellation fees


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